10 Gifts for the Tech Enthusiast in Your Life

Everyone has one friend or family member that is into tech gadgets. There are 10 cool gifts for tech enthusiasts that they will love.

 .10 Heroic Tracker

This device is great for those that tend to misplace things. This includes keys, wallets, and other devices. The tracker attaches to these items and if they are lost the last recorded location will show up in an app. They have cool designs including Marvel characters and DC Comic characters.

 .9 Retro Remote

This remote has an old style joystick. It can hook up to the television set and the techie can play classic games on the screen. The remote is shaped like Pac Man and this is the featured game.

 .8 Light Show

This is tech version of Lite Brite. A person will put together the device which is about the size of a postcard. They can then use the programming features to have it lay games, give the forecast, and a number of other things that they can code into this system.

 .7 Morning Manager

This is a great gift for those that have trouble getting up in the morning. This device is an alarm clock and it will light up like the rays of the run. The volume will increase so a person will have to get up. It is also a Bluetooth speaker.

 .6 Gear 360

This device is really a camera and a recorder for the modern time. It can move at 360 degrees to take photos and videos.

 .5 Parrot Pot

This is the perfect gift for a tech lover that likes to garden. This pot is able to water the plants automatically for up to a month. It will also monitor the temperature, the moisture of the soil, light, and the fertilizer levels.

 .4 Ringly Go

This stylish bracelet is a fitness tracker and will count the steps that a person takes. In addition to this, it will alert the user to notification on their link by lighting up and vibrating. The app can be programmed so that a user can customize the alerts that they receive on this bracelet.

 .3 Fitbit Flyer

These new Bluetooth speakers do not have to be plugged into a jack. They are comfortable and are sweatproof. They have built-in microphone and other great features for those that are into wearable tech gear.

 .2 Prynt

This tiny printer makes it easy to print pictures from the iPhone. The pictures can be edited and using the app can be printed out. The printer uses ink free sticker paper so the pictures are ready to hang.

 .1 Vector Luna Smartwatch

This watch does it all. It will alert the user to emails, text, and calls. It has a fitness calculator, weather alerts, smart home controls, and more. The watch is sleek and stylish. The battery will stay charged for 30 full days so it only needs to be plugged in once a month.

These are the 10 best tech gifts for the techie in your life. All of these gifts use the latest in technology to help a person stay connected.

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