Dell Server Data Recovery and Dell PowerEdge RAID Array Repair

The dell servers are one of the most famous networking and data storage avenues in the modern world. There are a number of dell PowerEdge RAID server’s configurations today. However, they are prone to breakdown problems regardless of the configuration. These problems are usually associated with PERC controller or emanating from the hard disk condition. In the event of failure in the dell server data is usually lost when necessary steps are not taken to recover it. Data from failed dell servers can easily be recovered through professional data recovery services or by you following simple steps in the recovery process.

The dell PowerEdge RAID array can also be repaired when necessary instructions are followed and the software used to recover data or create virtual array. This article will guide you to recover data from dell server and repair the Dell RAID array.

Dell computers are popular in the world today due to their unrivalled design and quality. They have an excellent support system with perfect features and hardware that can support all servers for both small and large businesses. The RAID array usually connects different hard drives in order to create a larger hard drive with massive storage space. Their RAID controllers are their major let down as they are prone to failures. Dell computers use a unique RAID array that is LSI branded which is not that reliable.

In case of failure in RAID array of a Dell server data contained has to be recovered. Attempting data recovery from dell servers requires one to stick to the laid down procedure in order to avoid tragic and irrevocable data loss. First clone each of the failed hard drives to a working one in the Linux by GNU ddrescure. Secondly, use the SATA or USB adapters to connect the hard drives that have been cloned to a specific workstation. Using the R-studio recovery create virtual RAID array. However, this is difficult especially to the beginners albeit it’s possible to succeed. Recover the data and store it on another working hard drive and finally start designing a new RAID array in order to store your recovered data.

The dell PowerEdge RAID array back-up server allows you to lose at most two drives and recover the data on the hard drives in the RAID array using the other remaining hard drives. In this case no experience is required as Dell’s DSET can excellently be use to the nature of repair needed. This is certainly one of the easiest RAID array methods available. Moreover, this can be done through seeking the professional services offered.

The information on the recovery of data on the dell servers and the repair of the failed Dell PowerEdge RAID Array is essential in order to avoid data lose. This article will help you deal with problems of the dell servers in order to get back you important data.