Mobile Phone Advancements to Expect in 2019

At the recent Mobile World Congress that was held in Barcelona, all the buzz revolved around future advancements in mobile technology. On the surface, it seems as though smartphones are evolving at a very slow pace, especially when it comes to the icon layouts, home screen, and rounded edges.

But you should not judge phones based on what’s on their covers. What is inside has changed in a substantial manner. With each passing year, manufacturing materials, sensor technology, wireless functionality, and even cameras have gone on to become smarter, and have even gained an ability to perform smarter tasks. By doing so, they have opened the path for future advancements in mobile phone technology.

So, what can you expect in 2019? How will your smartphone be like? Here are predictions for the coming year based on industry research, as well as emerging technologies.

Your Phone Will Be Able to Recognize You

Device manufacturers have for years been looking for ways that can be used to improve phone security, while at the same time allowing users to bypass the annoying PIN requests. This is something that has seen many manufacturers introduce iris and fingerprint scanners, both of which have already proven to be easy to bypass.

The early experiments conducted to determine the viability of facial recognition proved inconclusive. This is because the technology could easily be fooled through the use of a photo that had the user’s face. However, emerging technology, as reported by the New York Times will change all this in 2019. The technology will not only scan the face, but it will also be able to scan the contours of a person’s head and face. This is something that is bound to make the software much harder to bypass or fool.

As such, it means that facial recognition is bound to become the new gold standard for unlocking devices as devices continue to evolve. This means that your phone will now be able to recognize you without having to scan your face.


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