Software for Computer Forensics, Data Recovery

Introduction: Computer forensics is a main branch of the computer science in terms of internet and computer related crimes. The main objective of computer forensics is to execute wrong investigation by utilizing digital data to find out who is the accountable for specific crime? based on various factors investigation agencies select the tools including experts on the team and budget.

For better investigation and research, there are many computer forensics software are created by the developers. Below some computer forensics tools are classified into various head.
• Mobile devices analysis tools
• Data and disk capture tools
• Database forensics tools
• Internet analysis tools
• Mac OS analysis tools
• File viewers
• Email analysis tools
• Network forensics tools
• Registry analysis tools
• File analysis tools

There are some popular and important software are listed below for the data recovery and computer forensics:

CAINE is stands for computer aided investigative environment. It is Linux and GNU live digital forensics software which offers complete forensic atmosphere. It has some special features like, user friendly tools, friendly graphical interface, interoperable environment which provide supports during the digital investigation etc.
Digital forensics framework: This is another platform which is fully dedicated to digital forensics. Without any trouble it can be used by non-experts and by professionals. It comes under GPL license. It can be used for data recovery; digital chain of custody, forensics of Linux OS or windows, quick search for files Meta data, to access the local or remote devices and many other things.

X-Ways forensics: For digital forensics experts, this software is an advanced platform because it runs on all windows version. The software has some features which you can find out below.
• Data authenticity
• RAM and memory analysis
• Well maintained file header
• Automated activity logging
• Gallery view for images
• Automatic detection of lost or deleted hard disk partition
• Powerful file carving and various data recovery methods
• Bulk hash calculation
• Easy detection of and access NTFS ADS
• Automated registry report
• Disk imaging and cloning
• It supports various file systems including FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, TFAT, Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 and few more.

Encase: This another multi-purpose popular platform with various quality tools for digital forensic process and data recovery. This software can easily collect data from unearth potential evidence and various devices. Based on the evidence it also produces a report.

The sleuth kit: This is a windows and UNIX based tool which helps in data recovery and forensic analysis of computers. It comes with various tools which help in analyzing disk pictures, file system investigation etc.

Volatility: This is a memory forensics platform which used for malware and incident response analysis. With the help of this tool one can extract information from network connection, running processes, DLLs and registry hives and network socket. It also extracts information from hibernation, dump and windows crash files. This tool comes under GPL license.

Bulk Extractor: This is a very popular and important digital forensics and data recovery tool which scans the directory files, disk image and extracts other useful and important information. This tool is quite faster than other similar kinds of tools because it ignores the file system structure.